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Karman Line Or Bust

Welcome to Spark Rocket Labs - a small team was formed with a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in rocketry. Our mission is to design, build, and launch a rocket that can reach beyond the Karman line and into space, a feat that very few amateur teams have accomplished.

What unites us is a drive to innovate, a willingness to take risks, and a deep love for the thrill of exploration. We know that the road ahead will be challenging, but we're excited to tackle the obstacles together and achieve something truly extraordinary. Together, we're ready to take on the ultimate challenge of amateur rocketry - reaching for the stars

Our rag-tag crew is made up of dreamers, tinkerers, and adventure-seekers from all walks of life. We're the kind of people who believe that if you've got a wild idea and a willingness to put in the elbow grease, anything is achievable. With each rocket we build, each test we conduct, and each setback we overcome, we're proving that grassroots passion and collaboration can accomplish feats that were once only possible by nations.

Our journey isn't just about reaching the Karman Line - it's about proving that the spirit of exploration and innovation is alive and well, no matter the odds. So join us as we chase our spacefaring dreams, defy expectations, and spark a whole new era of DIY rocketry. After all, who needs corporate backing when you've got a group of determined individuals ready to light the fuse of possibility?

What We Do


High-Performance Rocketry, high altitude projects with custom motor development.

Ground Control

Remote Photography control, ground station links with rocket vehicles, launch pads, and more.


Custom flight computers and telemetry stations, flight camera systems with remote control, and GPS trackers.